Why Choose Honey & Rose?
We know what it's like to live with a depressing, embarrassing, painful, unpleasant and sometimes lifestyle limiting skin ailment. Skin care becomes a chore and not something you look forward to. Honey & Rose is suitable for all skin types and for those who love natural skincare.
Honey & Rose has developed (with the help of a chartered chemist) a range of affordable skincare products that you can use and actually enjoy. We can also tailor make your skincare range.
Still not sure? request a sample of any of the salves or creams and either pick up instore or pay only postage to have it sent to you. 

For Men - Horny Goat

Fresh and Natural Skincare for men. 

Do you have eczema or dermatitis and love natural products?

Calm, soothe and heal your skin... oh and feel gorgeous!

For extreme natural healing, soothing and moisturising with plant based natural skincare products. 

A little bit of luxury and pampering thrown in too.

From pre-teens through to mature skin, spots can affect us all and can be a downer when it's constant. And then some of us have dry skin with spots... well that's just unfair! 

How about using plant based Natural Products that work with your skin!

You love natural skincare products and don't have any skin worries.

Skincare, body and bath products by Honey&Rose.

Just natural ingredients... Our vegan products are animal cruelty free and do not contain animal products or by-products. 

This range is suitable for all skin types.

Just Essential Oils

Blended essential oils for home diffusers, oil burners, diffusing beads and pillows.

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