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A new and natural product for a dog spa treat. Use the doggy spa tea bag once a week for a conditioned coat and dry and itchy skin conditions. Suitable for all dogs over 6 months. The doggy spa tea bag contains salts, medicinal flowers and essential oils.

and some dogs need more help than others

Doggy Spa Tea Bag... fabulous product for your precious pet. Great for coat conditioning, any problem skin conditions and smells great too!

Drop a bag into a tub of warm water, pour the water over the dog and use the bag containing medicinal flowers and essential oils to rub onto any affected areas. Why not try Rescue Salve on any problem areas or 'hot spots'. For persistant affected skin, use the Bath Tea Bag every time you wash your dog.

Did you know... The Rescue Salve is safe for pets. Even my guinea pigs have their own pot.
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