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Honey&Rose Privacy Policy & GDPR

On the 25 May 2018, the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 will be superseded by a new law called the EU General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR as an abbreviation). 

This law governs how we collect, use and share people’s information and provides more transparency and rights to individuals; as well as more control over how their information is handled by organisations, and businesses.

Honey&Rose takes data protection very seriously. In plain english, here is what we do with personal data you give us.

Information you give us, and how it is stored:

Any personal information you submit via the Honey&Rose online store is stored on a secure network that is password protected and this information is only used to process the order that you have placed. The Honey&Rose online store requests that you register your details (this is for payment security and so that we can get your order to you). The Honey&Rose online store will send an email confirming an order that you have placed. Honey&Rose does not store your payment details (eg card or PayPal details), these are sent directly from you to the bank/ PayPal and no payment card information is passed onto Honey&Rose other than the order has been paid.

When you subscribe to our mailing list you are giving Honey&Rose permission to send you email updates (up to four emails a year). Your email address is stored on a password protected device within a password protected program. Information you give Honey&Rose will not be used for any other purposes. We will never pass your email onto a third party.

Information we give you:

By subscribing to the Honey&Rose email list, you are allowing us to send Shout Outs (emails) up to four times a year (this will only relate to Honey&Rose products or events). 

Honey&Rose will never email you requesting any personal information unless we have insufficient information (eg full address) for posting your order to you.

Your rights:

You can ask to have your personal details deleted from our Store Records and email mailing list (you can also unsubscribe through the emails sent to you- click on the unsubscribe button). You can ask for a copy of all your personal details and information that we hold on you and we will have 40 days to get the this information to you. This is a free service.

If you would like to know more about the GDPR and your rights, or if you have any questions about GDPR, you can contact the data protection regulator - the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) - on 0303 123 1113; or by using their live chat - Alternatively, you can visit their Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation webpage: - .

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