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When Life Goes Pear Shaped as a Parent

Some days it is just too hard to 'adult' and all I want is to be alone on a hot, sandy beach in another country (pebbles on the UK beaches- what's with that?) But let's face reality, I'm never going to get away with that!

Most days I think that I must be the world's worst mother. We have two sons who are now 4 and 5 years old. I pay them to go to school and call it pocket money. I bribe them with cake or chocolate to eat fruit or even just lick a vegetable. My 4 year is still in nappies and I face the shame of "You were toilet trained when you were 1 years old," from my mom (most days).

As I read this post back to myself, it seems like I'm the most chilled out person but to be honest, I got tired of shouting at my kids for not eating veg and not telling me that they need a poo! Seriously, just wear the nappy son, when you start school...... Who am I kidding? I'm hoping he'll be nappy free before that.

As a person who likes control of EVERYTHING, children do mess that up. My body is wrecked (no-one warned me about that before I had kids- and someone should have!) and I'm not talking about stretch marks, I'm talking internally (let's not go there!)

So I have little control over most stuff and mainly I'm winging it (not my eyeliner though- who even has time for make up!) But that's ok because I'm happy and most importantly my boys are happy too (mostly). I'm finding that my new strategy is if it's out of my control, I say 'Meh!' and wait and see what happens.

Life often throws you curve balls and you may not deal with it well, but know this... to err is human. So you can drop the ball and move on, or keep trying to get a handle on the problem that may be out of your control. Let's face it, there's more balls (problems) coming our way whether we like it or not. Be strong and know when to drop what isn't important so that you keep happy and healthy and as a result, so does your family.

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