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Sometimes Ugly is Best!

I had perfect skin, the perfect figure, the power job, I was single and carefree, travelling to exotic places and partying hard... the days of my youth. Oh, how life changes! Not all for the bad. I have a wonderful and supportive husband, two gorgeous little boys (and don't get me wrong- none of us are perfect and we all have our moments), my parents and grandmother are close by and the 'outlaws' are awesome. But I have psoriasis covering over 50% of my body.

In my twenties, when my life was 'perfect' I had a very stressful job working with adults with Autism, setting up new homes and managing staff issues... that's when a small patch of dry skin appeared on both elbows. A trip to the doctors confirmed by a diagnosis of Psoriasis and a pot of coal tar cream later, I was all set to get my perfect skin back.

But not only did it smell (the coal tar) and turn your skin yellow, it stained top after top and I had to keep my elbows from touching anything whilst the cream dried. Then to my dismay, I developed psoriasis on my eyebrows! At the age of 22, yellow eyebrows and elbows are so not cool!

During the past 20 years I have had many different steroid creams and ointments, light therapy (which worked temporarily but am now at risk of skin cancer), I even did chemo, but all that did was made me go bald in the front. The steroid creams continued throughout the 20 years. That was until last year. What was the point? I still had psoriasis (red, sore, flaking, hard patches of skin) and the itching was unbearable to the point where even a pair of scissors couldn't stop the itch. Something had to give! Life was miserable, I gained weight, I kept covered up even in summer and was so embarrassed if anyone noticed. The worst bit was the constant 'Shame, what's wrong with your skin?' It was easier if no-one saw my condition, no matter how uncomfortable I became.

A year and half ago, I started my research into various butters and oils from India, Africa and South America. I wasn't looking for a cure- it's an autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. I just wanted the pain, itch and embarrassing flaking skin to subside.

The first Salve that I made was the Rescue Salve, awesome for any skin emergencies and eczema and helped with the itch but it wasn't enough for my psoriasis. Next came the Soothing Salve, great for eczema and facial skin emergencies but still not enough. Then after further research, came the Moringa Salve. Ooooh! I liked this one. Finally a night without scratching and red hot pain from my psoriasis, but sadly the embarrassing flake continued!

A moment of despair before hitting the research again. And I came across Ucuuba and Kokom, with nothing to lose, I ordered these very expensive butters in a small quantity. It took me ages to pluck up the courage to cook up a batch as I literally couldn't afford to mess up my small amount of precious butters.

The result was rather pleasing, considering that Ucuuba is a really gross looking and rather smelly butter. That night I used it and I immediately loved it! Sometimes the ugly things are the best!

It's not a cure and it's only been a few months, but FINALLY my eyebrows and ears are flake free with only a small recurrence every 5 days or so of a tiny bit of flaking. My arms, legs and feet have severe psoriasis but with the Ucuuba Salve I'm at least flake for 95% of the time, itch and pain free. The red patches remain but are less angry. If I have something important happening, I ensure I use it twice the day before and again on that morning.

So out of this horrible disease I have, Honey&Rose was born (by accident) as people wanted to buy the Rescue Salve. So, thank you psoriasis, but you are only skin deep and if you help me alleviate symptoms associated with dry skin conditions... I'll take that.

I don't hate my body anymore, it's not perfect but it serves me well. After all, I wouldn't have my own business if it weren't for psoriasis. So make your ailment, disease your friend, embrace it, forgive it and see where it takes you and the people you meet and help along the way.

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