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Effects of Essential Oils on Your Mood

Ever had a strong reaction to a particular smell or scent? Whether is be an adverse reaction or it brings a smile to your face as a happy memory pops into your mind, certain smells can have the power to change our mood.

floral notes

On International Day of Happiness (who knew there was one? 20th March 2018) and Spring Equinox (despite the snow!) here are 3 of our top essential oils to put you in a good mood:

1) Rosemary Oil is a fabulous essential oil for boosting your mood. Rosemary helps you to be optimistic and can boost your confidence and is also energizing. So if you need mental clarity and a pick me up- Rosemary essential oil is for you. You can try Honey&Rose Shampoo Soap (not just for your hair). It contains a blend of essential oils that includes rosemary for a natural pick me up in the shower.

Want to try it?

2) Roman Chamomile, for centuries, has been used as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety and is fantastic for relaxation. The best way to use the essential oil is by inhaling it. Honey&Rose has pre-blended essential oils and Stress Head contains Roman Chamomile. The blend can also be used on diffusing lava beads. Or you can use a diffuser in your home to permeate the house (great for hyper children).

3) Sweet Orange has a beautiful uplifting aroma. It is one of the most popular of essential oils within aromatherapy. The aroma of Orange Oil is cheerful, an aphrodisiac (ooh!) and calming. You can brighten up your day with Honey&Rose's Sweet Orange & Basil Body Butter Melt- not just for moisturising!

WORDS OF WISDOM....... Never use essential oils neat onto your skin. Not sure how to use them? Send us a message and we can advise you how to blend your favourites and the best way to use them.

you can get in contact by email, Honey&Rose

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